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GT held our first client event since the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Here at GT, we are thrilled that we have held our first client event since the beginning of the war, bringing together trusted and valued clients from Vodori, Eagle Genomics and 3SIX Health Limited. We shared learnings, met with their teams of engineers, planned for the future and had some fun in the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland.

Along with many other Ukrainian companies, we are evolving towards a new reality and have had to adapt our business models but our commitment to Ukraine and to Ukrainian talent remains as strong as ever. Talk to us if you have a product or engineering challenge or are looking to scale up your business, we would be pleased to bring our energy, experience and talent to help.

We also shared for the first time a video that we put together to thank everyone in our network who has helped in our humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and to let them know the causes that their valuable support has contributed towards.

And enjoy this sometimes sad and sometimes uplifting video. We are proud of what has been achieved so far, but our efforts will continue for as long as the Ukrainian people are in need of help.


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