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And the horror unfolded, millions of people spent days, in some cases weeks, on the road. Many people left their homes with few possessions - some with only the most precious things held in their hands.

will be remembered by Ukrainians for a lifetime. Most of them woke up to the sound of bombs, sirens, and shots.


The morning of

Ukraine kid

have become famous all over the world for their free spirit. And thanks to your generosity, we’ve been able to give some hope and support to these brave people.



200 people.

which has positively impacted the lives
of more than

£ 55,000,

in their time of greatest need.
We’ve donated over

35 families

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we’ve
been able to support

“A family of three needed money for basic needs including food and medicine. Before the war the father was a driver and the mother was a shop assistant. The shopping centre where she worked was destroyed and father lost his job. They have a daughter, Nastya. In the city where they live there is no water, light or heating. The family has no money set aside and they have no income. ”

“A woman from Zaporozhye had a brain tumour removed five years ago. Before the invasion, she was examined and the tumour had returned. She needed surgery. She and her husband needed money as he had a stroke and is unable to work. He walks with difficulty.”

”One woman fled with her child from Kyiv to Germany. They crossed the border on foot so could only take possessions that they could carry. They now live near Berlin. ”

"Angelica is on maternity leave with 2 children (3 years and 9 months). Her mother has a heart condition and needs surgery. She was unable to have surgery in Ukraine because they couldn’t raise the money to cover it. They have no income after fleeing their homeland."

”A family of four, including two young children, were forced to leave Mariupol on March 16. All they were able to take with them were their identity documents, they left all of their other possessions behind. The eldest daughter, eight, is disabled and the youngest child is ten months old. At the moment they are in Berdyansk.”

”Yana is raising 3 children and now the youngest is undergoing surgery. She is unemployed.”

‘’A mum with her 10-year-old son were forced to flee to Italy, leaving most of their possessions behind. The boy needed food and new clothes. He is recovering from cancer and, because of potential risks to his health, he cannot wear second hand clothing.‘’

Ukraine kid
Ukraine kid

from hot spots - from Mykolayiv and Dnipro.


During this time, with the help from the Aerial Recovery Group, our team has evacuated more than

is the small voice that remains when all of the evils of the world are released. Hope is a spark that can be nurtured and grown. It is fuelled by acts of kindness, support and generosity - and we thank everyone who has supported our fund and helped this spark to continue to burn.


who gave up their time and skills entirely for free to help this fantastic cause.

7 volunteers


we had

24 hours

to support this important cause. SHOWBUS tweeted about our activity and within

3 buses

We’ve been touched by people’s kindness. Arriva company donated

Hilton Help Ukraine

ensuring we had safe places to base our staff and to bring evacuees for rest and recuperation when they initially crossed the border. And thanks to the general managers at those hotels who went the extra mile giving us logistical help including access to their loading bays and respond to all our needs.

75+ nights

who provided us with priority access and reduced pricing to their hotels in Hungary and Poland for

Hilton Hotel

& Resorts Group

Thanks to

We sourced and shipped technology that could make an immediate impact - diesel generators, drones, Starlink stations, phone chargers, and other non-weapon supplies transporting them through Russian-controlled territory (at that time) to Kharkiv.

GT Help Ukraine

All over Europe, GT volunteers worked tirelessly to help, reaching out to our business networks and local communities to build and grow our support efforts.

GT Help Ukraine

Last but not least, from the very beginning GT team volunteered 24/7 to source prescription-grade medicines and equipment from the UK Netherlands, and Hungary and to ship directly to field hospitals in Kharkiv.

the Ukrainian


Ukraine and

of funds, supplies, and equipment have been donated as part of our efforts. Our volunteer network has ensured every penny and item has been used to help


So far to date, more than

But we are not going

to stop here!

The war is continuing. Every day we see more and more people losing their homes and their loved ones. Our efforts will continue for as long as Ukrainian people are suffering.

“Light will win over


We’d like to thank each and every one for your support. As the Ukrainian President said