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What you should know about the company before joining?

Everyone is familiar with the strange sensations – excitement and nervousness – that set in before you join a new organization. The feeling is particularly strong when it's a new firm, and you don't have much information about the company. Doubts about whether you've made the right choice creep in, and the anxiety intensifies as the joining date nears.

Researching the company you are about to join helps to calm your nerves significantly. It also enables you to navigate the initial days after joining more effectively and make a favorable impression.

Before diving into the critical insights of this article, let's introduce its author, Nataliia – a Talent Sourcer at GT . With years of experience in the recruitment industry , Nataliia has a keen eye for matching exceptional talent with the right organizational culture and opportunities. Her expertise is not just in sourcing talent but also in understanding the nuances that make a company great for its employees.


💙 Learn About the Company’s Strengths

A good starting point for researching the firm is to learn about its strengths. Identify areas where the firm stands out from its competitors. Begin with the basic information available on the company's website, including the firm’s mission, vision, management team, etc., which can reveal a lot. Also, familiarize yourself with the company size, years since incorporation, location, employee strength, etc. When you join the firm, you should at least be aware of all the information about the company that is available on the website.

Integrating the company's strengths with your personal and professional aspirations is key. Reflect on how the company’s strengths align with your career goals and personal values. This alignment is crucial because it ensures that your work feels meaningful and fulfilling, contributing to long-term job satisfaction and career success.

💸 Examine the Firm’s Financial Health

Yes, it sounds super boring, but understanding the financial stability and growth prospects of a potential employer is crucial. For publicly traded companies, start with their annual reports, available on their website or through financial news sites like Bloomberg or Reuters. These reports provide comprehensive details on revenue, profit margins, debt levels, and other financial indicators. Additionally, the 'Investor Relations' section of the company’s website is a goldmine of information, including earnings calls and presentations that shed light on the company's financial health and strategic direction.

For startups and private companies, resources like Crunchbase and PitchBook offer valuable insights into funding rounds, valuations, and investor confidence, which can serve as proxies for financial health.

🗣 Check Reviews on Social Media

Social media platforms and employee review sites such as Glassdoor offer invaluable insights into how current and former employees perceive the company, covering critical aspects such as work culture, work-life balance, compensation, and more. Beyond these global platforms, also explore the company's own social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Follow GT's Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to get a glimpse into the our events, employee achievements, insights from our community and more details about our partners.

In addition to these global platforms, it's beneficial to search for local communities and platforms specific to your region, such as DOU in Ukraine. Local platforms can offer more nuanced insights into the company's reputation within the local job market, specific challenges and more detailed employee experiences.

🍕 Learn About Company Culture

Understanding a company's culture is crucial, and social media can offer mixed insights. Platforms like Glassdoor and The Muse provide valuable information, especially for US-based firms. However, reaching out to current and former employees gives the most accurate picture of the company culture, core values, peer interactions, and work-life balance.

🤓 Get to Know the Management Team

Familiarizing yourself with the leadership team is essential. The company’s website and LinkedIn can provide detailed information on the management team's professional background and insights into their leadership style.

By the way, Meet GT Co-Founders: John Harris - CTO, Andy Baynes - CEO, Mykyta Gorskykh - CFO

🦸‍♂️ Diversity and Inclusion

Investigate the company's efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion. Many professionals prioritize this aspect, as it significantly contributes to the company culture and work environment. Look for diversity statements, employee resource groups, and related initiatives on the company’s website or LinkedIn.

🌱 Sustainability and Social Responsibility

A company's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility often reflects its long-term vision and core values. When researching a company's policies and initiatives in these areas, it's essential to see how they align with your personal values.

In today's global business environment, many companies take stands on social and political issues. For example, GT has publicly shown its support for Ukraine in recent conflicts. You can read GT's statement on our website. Such declarations are vital to understand the company's stance on significant global issues and its ethical compass.

Furthermore, it's important to investigate the company's involvement in volunteer activities and how it supports employees' contributions to causes they care about. This engagement not only highlights the company's commitment to giving back but also fosters a culture of involvement and empathy among employees.

Dive deep, choose wisely, and let your values lead you to a career that not only fulfills but inspires.


Nataliia Şengül

Talent Sourcer at GT


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